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Why Video

Video is quickly becoming the medium of choice with improved messaging (video, audio, animation), better retention rates, and less expensive than traditional mediums.


Why Us

Understanding your unique business and market segments, combined with a history of B2B digital marketing successes.


Corporate Video Services

Animation to amplify your company image

Animation is an easy way to set your company apart from others. Considering the constant barrage of videos and images that the web bombards us with, animated logos, characters, and products are essential to catch and to keep the viewers’ interest. When we create an animated video, our customers tend to rave about how the video succinctly demonstrates what they wanted to say, but in a more engaging and fun way than they could have imagined. This is because animation is custom-built from the ground up… no templates, no defaults, and no shortcuts. Combine this originality with SVW’s deep understanding of what you want to express, and you’ll end up with a perfectly balanced piece of web content: straightforward and entertaining. 

Our company overview videos capitalize on every sales and branding opportunity

Video for B2B companies is quickly becoming essential. A Company Video is an excellent opportunity for branding your business. However, a high-quality company overview video only works if people watch it, and with record numbers of new content being added to the web on an hourly basis, this can be tough. Social Video Works will increase your company’s exposure by optimizing your video, distributing it on the web through the best channels suited for your business, and integrating the video(s) into your marketing campaign reporting. SVW works hard to ensure your complicated message is easy to receive. Emphasizing online marketing and creative video production to ensure conversion improvement, we create videos that are search engine optimized. This optimization will get your potential customers onto your site and the video(s) will familiarize them with who you are.

Corporate training videos can take over the training task of an employee, saving you time and money

With time and financial limitations, it’s difficult to find a way to train your customers and internal staff on you company’s products and services. That is why our training videos often take the place of an employee describing the ins and outs of a product / service. Our training videos can combine original animation (for breaking down a complicated process), company footage and pictures, and graphics (for supplementing key steps), to create an easy-to-understand training video. We can make a longer training video for a detailed step-by-step analysis of a new product, or a more brief company training video to explain a few highlights of a new employee program. With either option, our training videos can reach your audience quickly and more cost-effectively than any other method. Contact us today to start discussing what types of videos are best.

Watch Videos

Take a look for yourself, and immediately see how powerful video can be. A quick look at some recent projects.

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A boutique production company, Social Video Works promotes company brand awareness through video. By utilizing two of the most vital channels of communication (online marketing and video) we increase your customer interest and awareness. We create compelling, sleek motion graphics catering to the media literate consumer.

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